Patient Assistance Programs

For years, pharmaceutical companies have been giving away millions of dollars in free medicine through patient assistance programs. Currently, there are over 200 patient assistance programs that give away over 1000 different medicines for FREE. In order to qualify for patient assistance, a patient must meet specific eligibility guidelines. These guidelines can be different depending on the patient assistance program you are applying for.

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Most require that you do not have insurance that pays for your medicine. In addition, most require that you be below 200% of the federal poverty level.

Although it is free to apply for patient assistance, the application process can be confusing & complicated- especially if you are applying to receive more than one medicine. Added to that is the pressure that, if the questions on the form are not answered correctly or you do not supply the specific information they require, you run the risk of being declined from the program. Once you are declined you may be able to file an appeal, but the appeal process can take weeks.

There are patient assistance resources available to help.

To see if your medicine is available through patient assistance programs, visit The website will give you detailed information on each patient assistance program including qualification criteria, contact info and other important information.

In addition, there are links to paid services that will do the following:

  • Let you know if you qualify for patient assistance
  • Fill-out all patient assistance paperwork correctly – no matter how many medicines you are applying for.
  • Coordinate all prescriptions from your doctor
  • Apply for all refills
  • Maintain your enrollment in each patient assistance program you are accepted in.


If you prefer to use this service to make sure that everything is done correctly, please CLICK HERE and complete the short form. There is NO CHARGE for this service unless you are accepted into a patient assistance program.