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Our goal with is to expose money saving health resources to the public. Below, find links to free medicine coupons, patient assistance resources, a free discount drug card and more. Feel free to use these resources. If you save money as a result, please share this page with others that could use a little help.


FREE Drug Discount Card

The Drug Discount Card is 100% FREE to download. It can be redeemed at over 60,000 pharmacies across the U.S. If your medicines are not covered by insurance, our discount drug card can be redeemed for savings up to 80% off. Our discount drug card is accepted at most major pharmacy chains and independent pharmacies alike.

Free Drug Discount Card


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Medication Coupons is a website that contains the largest database of medicine coupons. Download free coupons for prescription medicine, over the counter medicine, pet medicine and hygiene products.


Patient Assistance is a directory of patient assistance programs. Patient assistance programs are little-known charitable programs that give free medicine to those who qualify. There are hundreds of patient assistance programs that give thousands of free medicines away. In order to qualify for the majority of patient assistance programs, your medicine must not be covered by insurance & you must meet specific income guidelines.