Tennessee State Sitemap

Clinic Address City State ZIP
Church Health Tennessee00000
Family Health Center Of Ashlan342 Frey St. Ashland CityTennessee37015
Good Faith Clinic18 Congress Pkwy. S. AthensTennessee37371
Baxter Medical Clinic319 Broad St BaxterTennessee38544
Cherokee Health Systems1285 Hwy 11W Bean StationTennessee37708
Bells Medical Clinic100 Herndon Drive BellsTennessee38006
Benton Family Health Center126 Polk St BentonTennessee37307
Birchwood Clinic5623 Hwy 60 BirchwoodTennessee37308
Cherokee Health Systems180 Emory Rd. BlaineTennessee37709
Bluff City Medical Clinic229 Highway 19 E. Bluff CityTennessee37618
Barham Family Practice622 West Market Street BolivarTennessee38008
Hardeman County Community Health Center629 Nuckolls Road BolivarTennessee38008
Healing Hand Health Center210 Memorial Dr. BristolTennessee37620
Bulls Gap Medical Center268 Highway 11-E BullsTennessee37711
Pickett County Health Department1013 Woodlawn Dr. ByrdstownTennessee38549
Smith County Health Department303 N High St CarthageTennessee37030
Smith County Health Department303 High St. N. CarthageTennessee37030
Clay County Health Department115 Guffey St. CelinaTennessee38551
Hickman Medical Clinic150 E. Swan St. CentervilleTennessee37033
Alton Park Community Health Center100 E 37th St ChattanoogaTennessee37402
Chattanooga Family Health Clinic921 E. Third St. ChattanoogaTennessee37403
Family Emergency Shelter800 McCallie Ave. ChattanoogaTennessee37403
Homeless Health Care Center717 E. 11th St. ChattanoogaTennessee37403
Dodson Community Health Center1200 Dodson Ave. ChattanoogaTennessee37406
erlanger3800 Tennessee Ave ChattanoogaTennessee37409
Erlanger Health System975 E. 3rd St. ChattanoogaTennessee37410
Southside Community Health Center100 E. 37th St. ChattanoogaTennessee37410
Preferred Alternatives5721 Marlin Road bldg ChattanoogaTennessee37411
Volunteers in Medicine Chattanooga5705 Marlin Rd 1400 ChattanoogaTennessee37411
Church Hill Free ClinicChurch Hill Shopping Plaza Church HillTennessee37642
Clear Fork Clinic5663 Hwy. 90 ClairfieldTennessee37715
Good Samaritan Medical Ministry346 Union Street ClarksvilleTennessee37040
Cleveland Family Health Care Center1420 Fritz St. S.E. ClevelandTennessee37323
Clifton Medical Associates133 Main St. CliftonTennessee38425
Anderson County Health Department710 N. Main St. ClintonTennessee37716
Preferred Alternatives101 Penny Avenue ColumbiaTennessee38401
Prohealth Columbia180 Bear Creek Pike A ColumbiaTennessee38401
Cookeville Medical Clinic Rural Health Center225 N. Willow Ave. CookevilleTennessee38501
Putnam County Health Department121 S. Dixie Ave. CookevilleTennessee38501
Tennessee Department of Public Health200 W. 10th St. CookevilleTennessee38501
Bogard Primary Care Clinic2920 Cosby Highway CosbyTennessee37722
Cumberland County Health Department131 S. Webb Ave. CrossvilleTennessee38555
Rural Health Clinic of the Cumberlands9400 Sparta HWY CrossvilleTennessee38572
Chestnut Hill Center3885 Hwy 41 DandridgeTennessee37725
Chestnut Hill Center3885 Highway 411 100 DandridgeTennessee37725
Dayton Family Health1436 Railroad St DaytonTennessee37321
Rhea County Primary Care Center260 16th Ave. 116 DaytonTennessee37321
Rhea County Volunteers in Medicine7944 Rhea County Hwy DaytonTennessee37321
Meigs County Primary Care305 River Rd. DecaturTennessee37322
Deer Lodge Medical Clinic208 Old Deer Lodge Pike DeerLodgeTennessee37726
Stewart County Community Health1021 Spring St. DoverTennessee37058
Stewart County Community Health1021 Spring St. DoverTennessee37058
Highland Health Center715 Rugby Highway ElginTennessee37732
Cherokee Health Systems321 Athens Street West EnglewoodTennessee37329
Dry Creek Medical Center1826 N. Main Ave. ErwinTennessee37650
Mercy Health Services112 Ninth Ave. S. FranklinTennessee37064
ProHealth Rural Health Services1325 A W. Main St. FranklinTennessee37064
Graceworks Health Clinic100 Covey Drive 104 B FranklinTennessee37067
Jackson County Health Department744 School Dr. GainesboroTennessee38562
Salvus Center556 Hartsville Pike 200 GallatinTennessee37066
Salvus Center Gallatin556 Hartsville Pike 200 GallatinTennessee37066
New Hope Family Health Center249 Hardeman Rd. Grand JunctionTennessee38039
Baileyton Medical Center580 Van Hill Rd. GreenvilleTennessee37745
Rural Health Clinics Of West Tennessee104 E. Main St. HallsTennessee38040
Grassy Fork Clinic4261 Big Creek Road HartfordTennessee37753
Grassy Fork Medical Center4261 Big Creek Rd. HartfordTennessee37753
Hartsville Family Health Center100 Damascus Ave HartsvilleTennessee37074
Hartsville Family Health Center100 Damascus St. HartsvilleTennessee37074
Henderson Health Center208 North Ave. HendersonTennessee38340
The Rickard Clinic557 W. Park Pl. HendersonTennessee38340
Salvus Center107 Imperial Blvd 3 HendersonvilleTennessee37075
Area Health Center3826 Norma Rd. HuntsvilleTennessee37756
Mountain People's Health Council191 Fire Hall Drive HuntsvilleTennessee37756
Mountain Peoples? Health Council2974 Baker Hwy. HuntsvilleTennessee37756
St Mary's Jacksboro Clinic3170 Appalachian Hwy 5 JacksboroTennessee37757
Faith Health Center510 Carriage House Drive JacksonTennessee38305
Fentress County Health Department436 W Central Ave A JamestownTennessee38556
Cherokee Health Systems120 Hospital Dr. 230 Jefferson CityTennessee37760
Dayspring Family Health Center107 S. Main Street JellicoTennessee37762
Indian Mountain Clinic550 Sunset Tr. JellicoTennessee37762
Wilkens Medical Group131 Hospital Lane JellicoTennessee37762
Wynn Habersham Community Clinic1037 Stinking Creek Road JellicoTennessee37762
Keystone Dental Clinic603 Bert St. Johnson CityTennessee37601
Washington County Health Department219 Princeton Road Johnson CityTennessee37601
Johnson City Downtown Clinic207 E. Myrtle Ave. Johnson CityTennessee37604
Preferred Alternatives162 West Springbrook Dr Johnson CityTennessee37604
Church Hill Free Clinic401 Richmond St KingsportTennessee37660
Friends in Need Health Center1105 West Stone Drive KingsportTennessee37660
Kingsport Medical Center737 East Sevier Avenue KingsportTennessee37660
Kingston Family Practice820 W. Race St. KingstonTennessee37763
Interfaith Health Clinic315 Gill Ave. KnoxvilleTennessee37917
Knox County Health Department140 Dameron Ave. KnoxvilleTennessee37917
Agape Outreach5403 Jacksboro Pike KnoxvilleTennessee37918
Cherokee Health Systems1400 Dutch Valley Dr. KnoxvilleTennessee37918
Free Medical Clinic Of America6209 Chapman Highway KnoxvilleTennessee37920
Cherokee Health Systems2018 Western Ave KnoxvilleTennessee37921
West Knox Health Center10263 Kingston Pike KnoxvilleTennessee37922
Reachs Childrens Center2315 Jacksboro Pike La FolletteTennessee37766
Reachs Community Health Center502 W. Central Ave. 1 La FolletteTennessee37766
St Mary's Medical Center923 E. Central Ave. La FolletteTennessee37766
Summit Medical Group Of Lafollette919 E. Central Ave. 202 La FolletteTennessee37766
Macon County Health Department601 Hwy. 52 Bypass East LafayetteTennessee37083
Cherokee Health Systems501 Adessa Pkwy A150 Lenoir CityTennessee37771
A J Medical Services529 W. Commerce Street LewisburgTennessee37091
Lexington Family Care Clinic270 W. Church St. LexingtonTennessee38351
Limestone Medical Center105 Limestone Ruritan Road LimestoneTennessee37681
Perry County Medical Center115 E. Brooklyn St. LindenTennessee37096
Overton County Health Department1080 Bradford Hicks Dr. LivingstonTennessee38570
Overton County Health Dept5880 Bradford Hicks Dr. LivingstonTennessee38570
Hickman Medical Clinic5047 Hwy 100 LylesTennessee37098
Lynchburg Family Medicine & Minor Emergency Center12 Magnolia Dr. LynchburgTennessee37352
Lynchburg Medical Clinic40 Lynchburg Hwy LynchburgTennessee37352
Metro Moore County Health251 Majors Blvd LynchburgTennessee37352
Madison Christian Medical Clinic320 Hospital Drive MadisonTennessee37115
Madison Family Clinic601 Due West Ave. 102 MadisonTennessee37115
Cherokee Health Systems119 Pedigo Rd. F MadisonvilleTennessee37354
Chota/Family Practice Associates4233 Highway 411 488 MadisonvilleTennessee37354
Women's Wellness & Maternity Center3459 Hwy 68 MadisonvilleTennessee37354
Glenn A Davis Rural Health1020 McArthur St. ManchesterTennessee37355
Blount Memorial Good Samaritan Clinic116 Chantilly Lane MaryvilleTennessee37803
Cherokee Health Systems627 Smithview Dr. MaryvilleTennessee37803
Cherokee Health Systems4330 Maynardville Hwy MaynardvilleTennessee37807
Union County Medical Center4330 Maynardville Hwy. MaynardvilleTennessee37807
Warren County Health Department1401 Sparta St. McMinnvilleTennessee37110
Church Health Center1210 Peabody Ave. MemphisTennessee38104
Greenlaw Health Center278 North Greenlaw Avenue MemphisTennessee38105
LeMoyne-Owen College Student Health Services807 Walker Ave MemphisTennessee38106
Christ Community Health Center3362 S. Third St. MemphisTennessee38109
Third Street Health Center3362 South Thrid St. MemphisTennessee38109
Broad Avenue Health Center2861 Broad Ave. MemphisTennessee38112
Christ Community Health Services2861 Broad Ave. MemphisTennessee38112
Christ Community Orange Mound Health Center2569 Douglass Ave. MemphisTennessee38114
Orange Mound Health Center2569 Douglas Ave. MemphisTennessee38114
micaela alamilla colmener1225 russwood 38122 memphisTennessee38122
Lemoyne-Owen College Clinic806 Walker Ave. MemphisTennessee38126
Memphis Health Center360 E.H. Crump Blvd. MemphisTennessee38126
Frayser Health Center3124 Thomas St. MemphisTennessee38127
Monterey Rural Health Clinic117 W. Commercial Ave. MontereyTennessee38574
helping hands clinic1111 Watercrest MorristownTennessee00000
Helping Hands Clinic1307 Lincoln Ave MorristownTennessee37813
Bellwood Clinic305 N. Bellwood Rd. MorristownTennessee37814
Cherokee Health Systems815 W 5th N St MorristownTennessee37814
Cherokee Health Systems815 West 5th North Street MorristownTennessee37814
Cherokee Health Systems815 W. 5th North St. MorristownTennessee37814
Charis Health Center9695 Lebanon Road 320 Mount JulietTennessee37122
Johnson County Medical Group1901 S. Shady St. Mountain CityTennessee37683
Mountain City Health1901 S. Shady St. Mountain CityTennessee37683
Mountain City Medical Center222 Oak Street Mountain CityTennessee37683
Dispensary of Hope400 N Highland Ave MurfreesboroTennessee37130
Faith Family Medical Clinic326 21 Avenue North NashvilleTennessee37203
Prohealth Nashville Mission683 Lafayette St NashvilleTennessee37203
Cayce Dental Center617 S. 8th St. NashvilleTennessee37206
Cayce Family Clinic617 S. 8th St. NashvilleTennessee37206
East End Womens Health & Birth Center205 S. 10th St. NashvilleTennessee37206
Shade Tree Clinic222 Grace St. NashvilleTennessee37207
Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center1035 14th Ave N NashvilleTennessee37208
Matthew Walker Health Center1035 14th Ave. North NashvilleTennessee37208
Waverly-Belmont Family Health Center1501 12th Ave. S. NashvilleTennessee37208
Southside Family Clinic107 Charles E. Davis Blvd. NashvilleTennessee37210
Prohealth Nashville393 Wallace NashvilleTennessee37211
Preferred Alternatives1101 Kermit Drive 105 NashvilleTennessee37228
Tennessee Department of Public Health710 Hart Ln. NashvilleTennessee37247
Cherokee Health Systems1596 Hwy 33 South New TazewellTennessee37825
Cherokee Health Systems215 Hedrick Dr. NewportTennessee37821
Newport Medical Center207 Murray Drive NewportTennessee37821
Newport Medical Center207 Murray Dr. NewportTennessee37821
Free Medical Clinic of Oak Ridge320 Robertsville Rd. Oak RidgeTennessee37830
Oneida Clinic127 S. Main St. OneidaTennessee37841
Ooltewah Clinic5520 High Street OoltewahTennessee37363
Parrottsville Medical Center111 Mockingbird Ave ParrottsvilleTennessee37843
Jennings Family Medical Clinic364 Tennessee Ave. S. ParsonsTennessee38363
Petersburg Clinic212 S. Public Sq. PetersburgTennessee37144
Bledsoe County Health Center3625 Main St PikevilleTennessee37367
Cherokee Health Systems7714 Conner Rd. 105 PowellTennessee37849
Martin Family Health Care718 Lafayette Rd. Red Boiling SpringsTennessee37150
William B. Acree Clinic130 N. Main St. RidgelyTennessee38080
Christian Family Medicine79 Highway 51 S. 1 RipleyTennessee38063
Rural Health Clinics Of West Tennessee211 Anthony St. RipleyTennessee38063
Roan Mountain Medical Center152 Highway 143 Roan MountainTennessee37687
Highland Health Center715 Rugby Hwy. RobbinsTennessee37852
Hawkins Medical Center4966 Highway 11W RogersvilleTennessee37857
Rogersville Medical Clinic401 Scenic Dr RogersvilleTennessee37857
West Main Medical Center900 West Main Street RogersvilleTennessee37857
Rossville Health Center4940 Highway 57 RossvilleTennessee38017
Rutledge Health Center8655 Rutledge Pike RutledgeTennessee37861
Hardin County Health Center765 Florence Rd. SavannahTennessee38372
Hardin County Regional Health Center150 Guinn St. SavannahTennessee38372
Hardin County Regional Health Center10515 Pickwick Rd. SavannahTennessee38372
Lifespan Health765A Florence Rd. SavannahTennessee38372
Lifespan Health150 Guinn St. SavannahTennessee38372
Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic312 Prince St. SeviervilleTennessee37862
Cherokee Health Systems10731 Chapman Hwy SeymourTennessee37865
Cherokee Health Systems10731 Chapman Hwy SeymourTennessee37865
Bedford County Health Department140 Dover Street ShelbyvilleTennessee37160
Bedford Urgent Care1612 N. Main St. A ShelbyvilleTennessee37160
Dekalb County Health Department254 Tiger Dr SmithvilleTennessee37166
Hancock County School Based Health Center2700 Main St. SneedvilleTennessee37869
Hancock Medical Center210 River Road SneedvilleTennessee37869
Sneedville Medical Center315 West Main Street SneedvilleTennessee37869
White County Health Department135 Walker St. SpartaTennessee38583
Cumberland Family Care Of Van Buren476 Spring St SpencerTennessee38585
Van Buren County Health DepartmentHighway 30 SpencerTennessee38585
Spring City Walk In Medical Center126 Lavender St. Spring CityTennessee37381
Stanton Health Center17 1st St. E. StantonTennessee38069
Stanton Health Center17 E. 1st St. StantonTennessee38069
Cherokee Health Systems6350 W. Andrew Johnson Hwy. TalbottTennessee37877
North Knox Health Center7714 Conner Rd TalbottTennessee37938
Chota Community Health Services412 Hunt St. Tellico PlainsTennessee37385
Lake County Primary Care215 S. Court TiptonvilleTennessee38079
Community Hill Health Clinic316 Harper St. TroyTennessee38260
Partners for Healing109 West Blackwell Street TullahomaTennessee37388
Lynette M Adams Md3335 Highway 41A N. UnionvilleTennessee37180
Chota Community Health Services1206 U.S. Hwy 411 VonoreTennessee37885
Morgan County Health Council224 Old Mill Rd WartburgTennessee37887
Morgan County Health Council,Inc224 Old Mill Rd. WartburgTennessee37887
Wartrace Family Practice507 Blackman Blvd WartraceTennessee37183
Cherokee Health Systems7719 Hwy 131 WashburnTennessee37888
Washburn Medical Clinic7719 Hwy 131 WashburnTennessee37888
Winfield Medical Center25677 Scott Hwy. WinfieldTennessee37892
Cannon County Health Department301 W. Main St. 200 WoodburyTennessee37190