Illinois State Sitemap

Clinic Address City State ZIP
Albion Rural Health Clinic33 W. Main St. AlbionIllinois62806
Medical Associates Clinic1007 N.W. 3rd St. AledoIllinois61231
Mercer Health Center409 N.W. 4th St. AledoIllinois61231
Altamont Clinic8 N. 3rd St. AltamontIllinois62411
Confidence Medical Associates205 N. Main St. AltamontIllinois62411
Alton Women's Health Center2 Memorial Dr. 105 AltonIllinois62002
Sihf Alton Health Center550 Landmarks Blvd. AltonIllinois62002
Alton Health Center550 Landmarks Blvd. AltonIllinois62202
Rural Health513 N. Main St. AnnaIllinois62906
Rural Health - Anna - Main Site513 N. Main St. AnnaIllinois62906
Union County Health Clinic517 N. Main St. AnnaIllinois62906
Arcola Clinic241 W. Springfield Rd. ArcolaIllinois61910
Arthur Clinic211 S. Walnut ArthurIllinois61911
Community Medical Clinic135 W. Broadway AstoriaIllinois61501
Menard Medical Center Of Athens108 N. Main St. AthensIllinois62613
Atwood Rural Health Clinic108 S. Main St AtwoodIllinois61913
Aunt Martha's Aurora Health Center101 S. Broadway AuroraIllinois60505
Aunt Martha's Healthcare Network76 South LaSalle Street AuroraIllinois60505
Aunt Martha's Youth Service Center317 East Indian Trail AuroraIllinois60505
Community Health Partnership157 S. Lincoln Ave D AuroraIllinois60505
Community Health Partnership157 S. Lincoln Ave D AuroraIllinois60505
St. Nicholas Catholic Church Clinic308 High St. AuroraIllinois60505
Kane County Health Department1330 N. Highland Ave. AuroraIllinois60506
Kane County Health Department1240 N. Highland Ave. AuroraIllinois60506
Aurora Health and Outreach Center325 E. Galena Blvd. Suite 206 AuroraIllinois60572
Quincy Medical Group/Barry Branch Clinic868 Mortimer St. BarryIllinois62312
Beardstown Clinic507 Washington St. BeardstownIllinois62618
Belleville Family Health Center180 S. 3rd St. 300 BellevilleIllinois62220
Women's Care Health Center4600 Memorial Dr 400 BellevilleIllinois62220
Belleville Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine2900 Frank Scott Pkwy. BellevilleIllinois62223
West Belleville Health Center7210 W. Main St. 102 BellevilleIllinois62223
West Belleville Health Center7210 W. Main St. 102 BellevilleIllinois62223
Boone County Health Department1204 Logan Ave. BelvidereIllinois61008
Franklin Family Healthcare Clinic201 Bailey Ln. BentonIllinois62812
Franklin Rural Health Clinic205 Bailey Ln. BentonIllinois62812
Rea Clinic201 Bailey Ln. BentonIllinois62812
Rea Clinic201 Bailey Ln. BentonIllinois62812
Martin T Russo Family Health Center245 S. Gary Ave. BloomingdaleIllinois60108
Martin T. Russo Family Health Center245 S. Gary Ave. 200 BloomingdaleIllinois60108
Martin T. Russo Health Center245 S. Gary Ave. BloomingdaleIllinois60108
Blue Island Family Health Center13000 S. Maple Ave. Blue IslandIllinois60406
Blue Island Medical Center13000 Maple Ave. Blue IslandIllinois60406
Bolingbrook Christian Health Center151 E. Briarcliff Road BolingbrookIllinois60440
Bowen Family Practice209 W. 5th St. BowenIllinois62316
Clinton County Rural Health Clinic9401 Holy Cross Ln. BreeseIllinois62230
Bushnell Family Practice155 W. Hail St. BushnellIllinois61422
Cahokia Health Center818 Upper Cahokia Rd. CahokiaIllinois62206
Community Health13245 Kessler Rd CairoIllinois62914
Aunt Martha's Healthcare Network602 Torrence Ave Calumet CityIllinois60409
Christian Community Health Center364 Torrence Ave. Calumet CityIllinois60409
Health and Wellness Clinic of Fulton County1035 South 5th Ave. CantonIllinois61520
Abundant Health Resource Clinic441 E. Willow Street CarbondaleIllinois62901
Adolescent Health Center101 S. Wall St. CarbondaleIllinois62901
Adolescent Health Program101 S. Wall St. CarbondaleIllinois62901
Carbondale Community Based Health1301 E. Walnut St. CarbondaleIllinois62901
Chesi Cedar Court Clinic1250 North Cedar Ct. CarbondaleIllinois62901
Shawnee Obstetrics & Gynecology Center202 W. Jackson St. CarbondaleIllinois62901
Southern IL Family Medicine305 W. Jackson St. 200 CarbondaleIllinois62901
Women's Health Center1250 Cedar St CarbondaleIllinois62901
Women's Health Clinic1160 Cedar Ct. CarbondaleIllinois62901
Carlinville Medical Clinic604 N. Broad St. CarlinvilleIllinois62626
Illini Medical Associates103 McCausland St. CarlinvilleIllinois62626
Carmi Medical Center1400 W. Main St. CarmiIllinois62821
Egyptian Health Department1705 College Ave CarmiIllinois62821
Southern Illinois Primary Care103 Commerce St. CarmiIllinois62821
The Doctors Clinic402 Plum St. CarmiIllinois62821
Access Dupage511 Thornhill Dr M Carol StreamIllinois60188
Aunt Martha's Healthcare Network3003 Wakefield Drive 5 CarpentersvilleIllinois60110
Aunt Martha's Youth Service3003 Wakefield Dr. 5 CarpentersvilleIllinois60110
Aunt Marthas North Clinic3003 Wakefield Drive CarpentersvilleIllinois60110
Green County Rural Health Clinic800 School St. CarrolltonIllinois62016
Illini Medical Associates523 E. Main CarrolltonIllinois62016
Carterville Family Practice1006 S. Division St. CartervilleIllinois62918
Carterville Family Practice Center1006 S. Division St. CartervilleIllinois62918
Women & Family Medical Group213 S. Adams St. CarthageIllinois62321
Casey Clinic412 NW 3rd St CaseyIllinois62420
Casey Clinic412 NW 3rd Street CaseyIllinois62420
Aunt Martha's Youth Service614 N. Gilbert Central ParkIllinois61832
Avicenna Community Health Center507 S. 2nd St 2E ChampaignIllinois61820
Frances Nelson Health Center1306 Carver ChampaignIllinois61820
Frances Nelson Health Center1306 Carver ChampaignIllinois61820
Champaign County Christian Health Center1512 Anthony DRive ChampaignIllinois61821
Frances Nelson Health Center819 Bloomington Rd ChampaignIllinois61822
OSF Medical Group416 E. Locust ChatsworthIllinois60921
OSF Medical Group918 Lincoln St. ChenoaIllinois61726
Central Medical Education Center550 E. Washington 2 ChicagoIllinois60185
Community Health Partnership of Illinois205 W Randolph St ChicagoIllinois60601
City of Chicago Department of Health333 S. State St. 200 ChicagoIllinois60604
Community Health Partnership of Illinois205 W Randolph St 2222 ChicagoIllinois60604
Heartland Alliance For Human Needs & Human Rights208 South LaSalle Street ChicagoIllinois60604
Chicago Center For Family Health20 North Wacker Drive ChicagoIllinois60606
Access Near West Family Health Center1158 W. Taylor St. ChicagoIllinois60607
James West Clinic22 N. Sangamon St. ChicagoIllinois60607
James West Haymarket Family Health120 N. Sangamon St. ChicagoIllinois60607
Pacific Garden Mission Medical Clinic1458 S. Canal Street ChicagoIllinois60607
Pilsen Medical Center1515 West Monroe Street ChicagoIllinois60607
Access Community Health Network1501 S. California Ave. ChicagoIllinois60608
Access Plaza Specialty Family Health Center2507 W. Cermak Rd. ChicagoIllinois60608
Alivio Medical Center2355 S Western Ave ChicagoIllinois60608
Alivio Medical Center3120 S Kostner Ave ChicagoIllinois60608
Alivio Medical Center2355 S. Western Ave. ChicagoIllinois60608
Alivio Medical Center2355 S Western Ave ChicagoIllinois60608
Centro de Salud Esperanza2001 S. California Ave. ChicagoIllinois60608
Kling Professional Center2720 W. 15th St. ChicagoIllinois60608
Kling Professional Medical Center2720 W. 15th St. ChicagoIllinois60608
Lower Westside Neighborhood Health Center1713 S. Ashland Ave. ChicagoIllinois60608
Near West Family Center2310 W. Roosevelt ChicagoIllinois60608
Pilsen Family Health Center1817 S. Loomis ChicagoIllinois60608
Pilsen Family Heatlh Center1817 S. Loomis St. ChicagoIllinois60608
Plaza Medical Center2507 W Cermak Road ChicagoIllinois60608
Plaza Medical Center2507 W. Cermak Rd. ChicagoIllinois60608
Access Cabrini Health Center1858 W. 35th St. ChicagoIllinois60609
Access Community Health Network5050 S. State St. ChicagoIllinois60609
Ashland Family Health Center5256 S. Ashland Ave. ChicagoIllinois60609
Beethoven Health Center25 W.47th. St. ChicagoIllinois60609
Grand Blvd. Family Health Center5401 S. Wentworth Ave. ChicagoIllinois60609
St. Basil's Free People's Clinic1850 W. Garfield Blvd ChicagoIllinois60609
Taylor Family Health Centers4501 S. State St. ChicagoIllinois60609
The Port Free Clinic5013 S. Hermitage Ave ChicagoIllinois60609
Denny Community Health Center30 W. Chicago Ave ChicagoIllinois60610
Near North Health Service1276 N. Clybourn ChicagoIllinois60610
Near North Health Services1276 N Clybourn ChicagoIllinois60610
Winfield Moody Clinic1276 N. Clybourn Ave. ChicagoIllinois60610
Winfield Moody Health Center1276 N.Clybourn ChicagoIllinois60610
Core Center2020 W. Harrison ChicagoIllinois60612
Core Center2020 W Harrison St 1302 ChicagoIllinois60612
Franciscan House of Mary and Joseph2715 W Harrison St ChicagoIllinois60612
Jackson Larame Health Center5120 W. Jackson Blvd. ChicagoIllinois60612
James Jordan Family Life Center2102 W. Monroe ChicagoIllinois60612
John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital1969 W Ogden St ChicagoIllinois60612
Lawndale Christian Health Center3860 W Ogden Ave ChicagoIllinois60612
Mile Square Community Health Center2045 W. Washington Blvd. ChicagoIllinois60612
Miles Square Health Center2045 W Washington ChicagoIllinois60612
Warren Family Health Center2409 W. Warren Blvd. ChicagoIllinois60612
Warren Family Health Center2409 W. Warren Blvd. ChicagoIllinois60612
Howard Brown Health Center4025 N. Sheridan Ave. ChicagoIllinois60613
Access at Anixter Center2020 N. Clybourn Ave. ChicagoIllinois60614
Access At The Anixter Center2020 N. Clybourn Ave. ChicagoIllinois60614
Chicago Hearing Society2001 N Clybourn Ave ChicagoIllinois60614
Cottage View Health Center4829 S. Cottage Grove ChicagoIllinois60615
Friend Family Health Center800 E. 55th St. ChicagoIllinois60615
Langley Family Health Center660 E. 47th St. ChicagoIllinois60615
Washington Park Children's Free Health Clinic5350 S Prairie Avenue ChicagoIllinois60615
Access At Illinois Eye Institute3241 South Michigan Avenue ChicagoIllinois60616
Ideal Family Health Center2409 S. State St. ChicagoIllinois60616
Mercy Diagnostic and Treatment Center2525 S. Michigan Ave. ChicagoIllinois60616
Aunt Martha's Healthcare Network3528 E. 118th Street ChicagoIllinois60617
Brandon Family Health Center8300 S. Brandon Ave. ChicagoIllinois60617
Chicago Family Health Center2320 E. 93rd St. ChicagoIllinois60617
Chicago Family Health Centers9119 S. Exchange Ave. ChicagoIllinois60617
Claretian Medical Center9119 S. Exchange Ave. ChicagoIllinois60617
Circle Family HealthCare Network3919 N. Albany Ave ChicagoIllinois60618
USA Vein Clinics3927 W. Belmont Ave. Suite 103 ChicagoIllinois60618
St. Francis Community Health Center7464 N Clark St ChicagoIllinois60619
jackson park chicagoIllinois60619
Auburn Gresham Family Health Center8234 S. Ashland Ave. ChicagoIllinois60620
Christian Community Health Center1550 West 88th Street ChicagoIllinois60620
Beloved Community Family Center326 W. 64th Street 205 ChicagoIllinois60621
Englewood Neighborhood Health Center641 W. 63rd St. ChicagoIllinois60621
Erie Dental Health Center4751 N Kedzie Ave ChicagoIllinois60621
Maria Shelter Clinic7320 South Yale Ave. ChicagoIllinois60621
New City Health Center1537 W 47th St ChicagoIllinois60621
Community Health2611 W. Chicago Ave. ChicagoIllinois60622
Erie Family Health Center1701 W. Superior St. ChicagoIllinois60622
Erie Health Center1701 W Superior ChicagoIllinois60622
Erie Senior Health Center838 N. Noble St. ChicagoIllinois60622
Franciscan Outreach Association1645 W. Lemoyne Street ChicagoIllinois60622
Primecare Community Health1431 N. Western Ave 406 ChicagoIllinois60622
Spang Center for Oral Health845 W Wilson Ave ChicagoIllinois60622
Westtown Neighborhood Health Center2418 W. Division St. ChicagoIllinois60622
Access Servicios Medicos La Villta3303 W. 26th St. ChicagoIllinois60623
Centro Medico3700 W. 26th St. ChicagoIllinois60623
Centro Medico San Rafael3204 W. 26th St. ChicagoIllinois60623
Centro Medico San Rafael3204 W. 26th St. ChicagoIllinois60623
Erie Henson Health Center1326 S. Avers 106 ChicagoIllinois60623
Lawndale Christian Health Center3860 W. Ogden Ave. ChicagoIllinois60623
Lawndale Christian Health Center3517 W Arthington St ChicagoIllinois60623
Lawndale Christian Health Center2345 S. Christiana Ave. ChicagoIllinois60623
Lawndale Christian Health Center3860 W. Ogden Ave. ChicagoIllinois60623
Little Village Family Health Center3113 W Cermak Rd ChicagoIllinois60623
Westside Family Health Center3752 W. 16th St. ChicagoIllinois60623
Westside Family Health Center3752 W. 16th St. ChicagoIllinois60623
Access Bethany Health Center3455 W. Buren St. ChicagoIllinois60624
Interfaith House3456 W. Franklin Blvd. ChicagoIllinois60624
Interfaith House3456 W. Franklin Blvd. ChicagoIllinois60624
Madison Family Health Center3800 W. Madison St. ChicagoIllinois60624
Madison Family Health Center3800 W. Madison St. ChicagoIllinois60624
Erie Dental Health Center4751 N. Kedzie ChicagoIllinois60625
Erie Helping Hands Health Center4747 N. Kedzie ChicagoIllinois60625
Marjorie Kovler Center1331 W Albion Avenue ChicagoIllinois60626
Rogers Park Family Health Center1550 W. Howard St. ChicagoIllinois60626
Rogers Park Family Health Center1400 W Greenleaf ChicagoIllinois60626
Spang Center for Oral Health7648 N. Paulina ChicagoIllinois60626
Sullivan Health Center6631 N. Bosworth Ave. ChicagoIllinois60626
Chicago Family Health Center556 E. 115th St. ChicagoIllinois60628
Chicago Family Health Center Roseland Center120 W. 111TH St. ChicagoIllinois60628
Christian Community Health Center9718 South Halsted Ave ChicagoIllinois60628
Claretian Medical Center556 E. 115TH St. ChicagoIllinois60628
Roseland Community Health Center120 W 111th St ChicagoIllinois60628
Roseland Neighborhood Health Center200 E. 115th St. ChicagoIllinois60628
TCA Health1029 E. 130th St. ChicagoIllinois60628
Friend Family Health Center5635 S. Pulanski Rd. ChicagoIllinois60629
IMAN Free Health Clinic2744 W. 63rd Street ChicagoIllinois60629
Kedzie Family Health Center3213 W. 47th Pl. 21 ChicagoIllinois60632
Sinai Medical Group3213 W. 47th Pl 21 ChicagoIllinois60632
ACCESS at Lindblom6130 S. Wolcott Ave ChicagoIllinois60636
Friend Family Health Center5843 S. Western Ave. ChicagoIllinois60636
Doctors Medical Center6240 W. 55th St. ChicagoIllinois60638
Southwest Family Health Center4839 W. 47th St. ChicagoIllinois60638
Southwest Family Health Center4839 W. 47th St. ChicagoIllinois60638
USA Vein Clinics6415 West Archer Ave ChicagoIllinois60638
Austin Family Health Center5835 W. North Ave. ChicagoIllinois60639
Austin Medical Center56 Madison St 1 ChicagoIllinois60639
Northwest Family Health Center4235 W. North Ave. ChicagoIllinois60639
Primecare Northwest4235 W. North Ave. ChicagoIllinois60639
Salud Family Health Center5359 W. Fullerton Ave. ChicagoIllinois60639
Access at TPAN5537 N. Broadway St. ChicagoIllinois60640
Asian Human Services Family Health Center, Inc.4753 N. Broadway 700 ChicagoIllinois60640
Chicago Health Outreach4750 N. Sheridan 5th ChicagoIllinois60640
Cornerstone Community Outreach4628 N. Clifton Ave. ChicagoIllinois60640
Erie Teen Health Center1945 W. Wilson Ave. 5110 ChicagoIllinois60640
Heartland International Health Center1015 W Lawrence Ave ChicagoIllinois60640
Howard Brown Health Center4025 N Sheridan Rd ChicagoIllinois60640
Lutheran Social Services5517 N. Kenmore Ave. ChicagoIllinois60640
Mental Health Clinic4753 N Broadway 700 ChicagoIllinois60640
Spang Center for Oral Health845 W. Wilson Ave. ChicagoIllinois60640
Uptown Community Health Center4867 N. Broadway Ave ChicagoIllinois60640
Access at Bethany3435 W. Van Buren G055 ChicagoIllinois60644
Circle Family Care115 N Parkside Ave ChicagoIllinois60644
Parkside Health Center115 N. Parkside Avenue 1 ChicagoIllinois60644
The ARK6450 N. California ChicagoIllinois60645
Touhy Family Health Center2901 W. Touhy Ave. ChicagoIllinois60645
Armitage Family Health Center2957 W. Armitage Ave. ChicagoIllinois60647
Armitage Family Health Center2957 W. Armitage Ave. ChicagoIllinois60647
Chicago Commons Health Center1633 N. Hamlin Ave. ChicagoIllinois60647
Erie Family Health Center2750 W North Ave 218 ChicagoIllinois60647
Erie Humboldt Park Health Center2750 W. North Ave. ChicagoIllinois60647
Erie Humboldt Park Health Center2750 W North Ave 1 ChicagoIllinois60647
Humboldt Park Family Health Center3202 W North Ave ChicagoIllinois60647
Logan Square Family Health Center3924 W. Fullerton Ave. ChicagoIllinois60647
Primecare Community Health3924 W. Fullerton Ave. ChicagoIllinois60647
ACCESS at Jackson Park7501 S. Stony Island Avenue ChicagoIllinois60649
Access Jackson Park Family Health Center7501 South Stony Island Avenue ChicagoIllinois60649
Excellent Way2510 E. 79th St. ChicagoIllinois60649
Circle Family Care4909 W. Division St. 305 ChicagoIllinois60651
Circle Family Care4909 W. Division St. ChicagoIllinois60651
Circle Family Care Clinic115 N Parkside Ave ChicagoIllinois60651
Circle Family HealthCare Network4909 W. Division Street 305 ChicagoIllinois60651
Hamlin Health Center1633 N. Hamlin Ave ChicagoIllinois60651
Louise Landau Health Center3645 W. Chicago Ave. ChicagoIllinois60651
West Division Family Health Center4401 W. Division St. ChicagoIllinois60651
West Division Health Center2731 W. Division St. ChicagoIllinois60651
Access Medical Specialists400 E. 41st St. ChicagoIllinois60653
Booker Family Health Center654 E. 47th St. ChicagoIllinois60653
Booker Family Medical Center654 E. 47th St. ChicagoIllinois60653
Komed Clinic4259 S Berkley Ave ChicagoIllinois60653
Komed-Holman Health Center4259 S. Berkeley Street ChicagoIllinois60653
Mastercare Health Center625 E. Pershing Rd. ChicagoIllinois60653
Mastercare Medical Center625 E. Pershing Rd. ChicagoIllinois60653
Wells Family Health Center3747 S. Cottage Grove Ave. ChicagoIllinois60653
Chicago Health Outreach1015 W Lawrence Ave ChicagoIllinois60657
Travelers and Immigrants Aid4822 N Broadway St ChicagoIllinois60657
Asian Human Services Family Health Center2820 W. Peterson Ave. ChicagoIllinois60659
Asian Human Services Family Health Center2424 W. Peterson Ave. ChicagoIllinois60659
New Life Volunteering Society Free Health Clinic2645 W. Peterson Ave ChicagoIllinois60659
Peterson Family Health2655 W. Peterson Ave. ChicagoIllinois60659
Peterson Family Health Center2655 W. Peterson Ave. ChicagoIllinois60659
Spang Center for Oral Health6230 N. Clark St. ChicagoIllinois60660
Access Community Health600 W. Fulton, ChicagoIllinois60661
Hawthorne Medical Center2307 S. Cicero Ave. ChicagoIllinois60804
Aunt Martha's Healthcare Network233 Joe Orr Road Chicago HeightsIllinois60411
Aunt Martha's Women Health Center233 W. Joe Orr Rd. Chicago HeightsIllinois60411
Aunt Martha's Youth Service Center1658 Thorn St Chicago HeightsIllinois60411
Family Health Society152 W Lincoln Highway Chicago HeightsIllinois60411
Family Health Society152 W. 14th. Pl. Chicago HeightsIllinois60411
Family Health Society152 W. 14th Pl Chicago HeightsIllinois60411
Family Health Society Dental Clinic1415 Emerald Ave. Chicago HeightsIllinois60411
Saint James Community Health Center1536 Vincennes Ave. Chicago HeightsIllinois60411
Chrisman Family Medical Center112 W. Madison Ave. ChrismanIllinois61924
Rea Clinic4241 Highway 14 W. ChristopherIllinois62822
Rea Clinic Of DequoinP.O. Box 155 ChristopherIllinois62822
Rea Dental Clinic4241 Hwy 14 W. ChristopherIllinois62822
Cicero Family Health Center5341 W. Cermak Rd. CiceroIllinois60804
Hawthorne Family Heatlh Center2307 S. Cicero Ave. CiceroIllinois60804
Morton East Health Center2423 S. Austin CiceroIllinois60804
Cisne Medical Center62 Park St. CisneIllinois62823
Cisne Medical Center413 Park Cisne Square CisneIllinois62823
Cissna Park Medical Clinic141 W. Garfield Ave. Cissna ParkIllinois60924
Clinton Family Practice1231 Kleemann Dr. ClintonIllinois61727
Rural Health Clinic422 W. White St. ClintonIllinois61727
Cobden Dental Clinic103 N. Appleknockers CobdenIllinois62920
Cobden Medical Center103 N. Appleknocker St. CobdenIllinois62920
Hope Center1201 Hope Center Ln Cottage HillsIllinois62018
Coulterville Medical Clinic203 E. Grant St CoultervilleIllinois62237
OSF Medical Group105 Hack St. CullomIllinois60929
Carle Clinic2300 N. Vermilion St. DanvilleIllinois61832
Danville Pediatric Center723 N. Logan Ave. DanvilleIllinois61832
Faith In action100 N. Franklin St. DanvilleIllinois61832
Family Practice Medical Center511 W. Fairchild St. DanvilleIllinois61832
Vermillion Area Community Health Center614 N. Gilbert DanvilleIllinois61832
De Soto Health Clinic407 S. Chestnut St. De SotoIllinois62924
Community Health Improvement Center: Pediatric Clinic1166 E. Marietta St. DecaturIllinois62521
Tzedakah Christian Health269 W. Eldorado St. DecaturIllinois62522
Community Health Improvement Center - Pediatric Clinic2905 N. Main St. DecaturIllinois62526
Genesis Center1 N. Broadway Des PlainesIllinois60016
Genesis Center1 N. Broadway St. Des PlainesIllinois60016
Aunt Martha's Harvey Communication Health159 E. 154th Street DixmoorIllinois60426
Volunteer Care Center of Lee County403 East First St. DixonIllinois61021
Dongola Medical Clinic318 N.Old Hwy 51 DongolaIllinois62926
Rural Health318 US Hwy 51 N DongolaIllinois62926
Perry County Counseling1016 S. Madison St. A Du QuoinIllinois62832
Rea Clinic119 Gas Plant Rd. Du QuoinIllinois62832
The Carbondale Clinic1016 S. Madison St. B Du QuoinIllinois62832
Christian Activity Center540 North 6th Street E St LouisIllinois62201
Aunt Martha's Youth17850 Kedzie Ave. 1085 East Hazel CrestIllinois60429
Fairmont City Health Center2568 N. 41st St. East Saint LouisIllinois62201
Windsor Health Center100 N 8th St East Saint LouisIllinois62201
Windsor Health Center100 N. 8th St. 238 East Saint LouisIllinois62201
Health and Opportunity Center1835 Kingshighway East Saint LouisIllinois62204
Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation5540 Bunkum Rd. East Saint LouisIllinois62204
East Side Health District4901 State St. East Saint LouisIllinois62205
Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation2001 State St. East Saint LouisIllinois62205
Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation2001 State Street East Saint LouisIllinois62205
Archview Medical Center2071 Goose Lake Rd East Saint LouisIllinois62206
Cahokia Health Center818 Upper Cahokia Rd. East Saint LouisIllinois62206
Medical Mobile Unit818 Upper Cahokia Rd. East Saint LouisIllinois62206
Southern Illinois Healthcare6010 Bond Ave. East Saint LouisIllinois62207
Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation6000 Bond Ave. East Saint LouisIllinois62207
Southern Illinois Regional Wellness Center100 N. 8th St. East St. LouisIllinois62201
Windsor Health Center100 N. 8th St. 238 East St. LouisIllinois62201
Collinsville Rehabilitation614 N. Summit East St. LouisIllinois62234
Effingham Medical Center900 W Temple Ave 205 EffinghamIllinois62401
Maple Street Clinic512 N. Maple St. EffinghamIllinois62401
Crossroads Medical Associates385 S. Orange St. El PasoIllinois61738
Doctor's Clinic607 4th St EldoradoIllinois62930
Doctors' Clinic1201 Pine St. EldoradoIllinois62930
Eldorado Primary Care1007 U S. Route 45 EldoradoIllinois62930
Eldorado Rural Health Clinic1032 4th St. EldoradoIllinois62930
Seneca Health Center450 Dundee Ave ElginIllinois60120
Summit Health Center370 Summit St. ElginIllinois60120
Children's Dental Clinic450 Dundee Ave ElginIllinois60123
Greater Elgin Family Care Center370 Summit Street ElginIllinois60123
VNA Health Center620 Wing Street ElginIllinois60123
Aunt Martha's Youth Service Center120 E. Court Street ElmiraIllinois61483
Genesis Health Group530 12th St. ErieIllinois61250
Evanston Health Department at Evanston Township High School1600 Dodge Ave. H101 EvanstonIllinois60204
Fairbury Medical Associates115 E. Walnut St. FairburyIllinois61739
Medical Services Unlimited1411 W. Main St. FairfieldIllinois62837
Southern Illinois Primary Care209 N.W. 11th St. FairfieldIllinois62837
Coleman Clinic141 E. Vernon St. FarmingtonIllinois61531
CCH Medical Clinic911 Stacey Burk Drive FloraIllinois62839
Clay County Medical Clinic911 Stacy Burk Dr FloraIllinois62839
Clay Medical Center201 E. North Ave. FloraIllinois62839
Clay Medical Center201 E. North Ave. FloraIllinois62839
Ffreeport Health Network10 W. Linden St. FreeportIllinois61032
Galatia Medical Center124 E. Main St. GalatiaIllinois62935
Regional Family Health Center336 Front St. GalvaIllinois61434
Family Practice Medical Center508 N. Main St. GeorgetownIllinois61846
Clinton County Rural Health Clinic205 Munster GermantownIllinois62245
Gibson City Clinic1120 N Melvin St Gibson CityIllinois60936
Gillespie Family Practice715 Broadway St. GillespieIllinois62033
Macoupin County Health Center115 S. Macoupin GillespieIllinois62033
Gilman Clinic508 E. Crescent St. GilmanIllinois60938
Girard Family Medical Clinic125 2nd St GirardIllinois62640
Illini Medical Associates204 S. 3rd St. GirardIllinois62640
Grace Lutheran Church493 Forest Ave. Glen EllynIllinois60137
Chesi Pope County Clinic217 S Adams St GolcondaIllinois62938
Southern Seven Pope County ClinicP.O. Box 440 GolcondaIllinois62938
East Adams County Rural Health102 Prairie Mills Rd. GoldenIllinois62339
Grand Tower Community Health CenterFront St. Grand TowerIllinois62942
Grand Tower Community Health Center624 Front St. Grand TowerIllinois62942
Koch Health Center2100 Madison Ave. Granite CityIllinois62040
Koch Health Center2100 Madison Ave. Granite CityIllinois62040
United Protestant Church54 South Whitney St GrayslakeIllinois60030
Boyd Fillager Clinic712 College St. GreenfieldIllinois62044
SIHF Cumberland Co. Health Center302 N Mill St GreenupIllinois62428
Greenville Medical Associates101 Health Care Dr. GreenvilleIllinois62246
Hamilton Clinic951 Broadway St. HamiltonIllinois62341
Tri State Medical Group951 Broadway St. HamiltonIllinois62341
Harrisburg Community Health Center205 N. Main St. HarrisburgIllinois62946
Harrisburg Medical and Dental Clinic205 N Main St HarrisburgIllinois62946
Harrisburg Medical Center100 Dr. Warren Tuttle Drive HarrisburgIllinois62946
Family Christian Health Center31 W. 155th St. HarveyIllinois60426
Family Christian Health Center31 West 155th Street HarveyIllinois60426
Harvey Community Health Center159 E. 154th St. HarveyIllinois60426
Havana Medical Associates615 N. Promenade St. HavanaIllinois62644
Rea Clinic3303 Logan Dr. HerrinIllinois62948
Rea Clinic3303 Logan Dr. HerrinIllinois62948
Southern Illinois Ob/Gyn Clinic500 Rushing Dr HerrinIllinois62948
Southern Illinois Respiratory Disease Clinic201 S. 14th St. HerrinIllinois62948
Williamson County Health Center1201 Weaver Rd HerrinIllinois62948
North Shore Health Center1840 Greenbay Rd. Highland ParkIllinois60035
Hillsboro Medical Center1250 E. Tremont St. HillsboroIllinois62049
Mcfarlin Medical Clinic400 Rountree St. HillsboroIllinois62049
Community Health Partnership622 S 8th Ave HoopestonIllinois60942
Community Health Partnership of Illinois622 S. Eighth Ave. HoopestonIllinois60942
Hoopeston Medical Center801 E. Orange St. HoopestonIllinois60942
Irvington Rural Health Center Ltd205 Huron St. IrvingtonIllinois62848
Internal Medicine Clinic Of Jacksonville1606 W. Lafayette Ave. JacksonvilleIllinois62650
Jacksonville Family Practice800 W. State St. JacksonvilleIllinois62650
Morgan-Scott Mental Health Clinic340 W State St. JacksonvilleIllinois62650
Illini Medical Associates390 Maple Summit Rd JerseyvilleIllinois62052
Johnston City Medical Clinic201 W Broadway Blvd Johnston CityIllinois62951
Will Grundy Medical Clinic213 E. Cass Street JolietIllinois60432
Will County Community Health Center1106 Neal Ave. JolietIllinois60433
Gallatin County School Wellness Center5175 Hwy. 13 JunctionIllinois62954
Gallatin County Wellness Center5150 Highway 13 JunctionIllinois62954
Azzarelli Outreach Clinic341 N Saint Joseph Avenue KankakeeIllinois60901
Community Health Partnership202 N. Schuyler Ave 206 KankakeeIllinois60901
Kankakee Community Health Center1777 Court Street KankakeeIllinois60901
Kankakee Health Center1200 W, Jeffrey KankakeeIllinois60901
Kankakee Health Center2250 E. Crestwood St. KankakeeIllinois60901
Family Medical Center104 E. Buena Vis KansasIllinois61933
Ahearn Associates Medical Center513 Elliott St. 4 KewaneeIllinois61443
Kewanee Family Health Clinic719 Elliott St. KewaneeIllinois61443
Kewanee Hospital Family Health Clinic719 Elliott St KewaneeIllinois61443
Medical Associates LTD1014 Main St. KeyesportIllinois62253
Community Nurse Health Association27 Calendar Avenue La GrangeIllinois60525
Community Nurse Health Association23 W Calender Ave La GrangeIllinois60525
Family Rural Health101 North B Street La HarpeIllinois61450
Louis Tumarkin Zazove Foundation6858 N Kenneth Ave LincolnwoodIllinois60712
St. Mark Lutheran Church1822 E. Grand Ave. LindenhurstIllinois60046
Litchfield Family Practice1285 Franciscan Dr. LitchfieldIllinois62056
Tri-County Community Health21193 Malta Rd. MaltaIllinois60150
Franklin-Williamson Human Services1307 W. Main St. MarionIllinois62959
Hands of Hope Family Clinic801 N. Market Street MarionIllinois62959
Heartland Pediatric Associates805 W Deyoung St B MarionIllinois62959
Illinois Center Behavioral Health3111 Williamson County MarionIllinois62959
Marion Family Health Care1131 N. Carbon C MarionIllinois62959
Marion Rural Health Clinic1028 N. Market St. MarionIllinois62959
Shawnee Health Center at Marion High School1501 S. Carbon St. MarionIllinois62959
Marissa Medical Clinic521 N. Borders Ave. C MarissaIllinois62257
Cork Medical Center410 N. 2nd St. MarshallIllinois62441
Clark County Family Medicine890 N Ridgelawn Rd. MartinsvilleIllinois62442
Mason City Medical Associates100 N. Main St. Mason CityIllinois62664
Family Medical Center200 Richmond Ave E. MattoonIllinois61938
Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center1000 Health Center Dr. MattoonIllinois61938
Alma Family Medical Center318 W. Madison St. MaywoodIllinois60153
Alma Medical Center318 Madison St. MaywoodIllinois60153
Maywood Family Health Center1420 S. 5th Ave. MaywoodIllinois60153
Family Medicine Of Mcleansboro208 S. Washington St. Mc LeansboroIllinois62859
Hamilton County Health Center611 S. Marshall Ave. Mc LeansboroIllinois62859
Hamilton Memorial Family Clinic611 S Marshall Ave Mc LeansboroIllinois62859
Hamilton County Health Center100 South Jackson McCleansboroIllinois62858
Melrose Park Family Health Center8321 W. North Ave. Melrose ParkIllinois60160
PCC North Avenue Family Health Center675 W. North Ave. Melrose ParkIllinois60160
Community Health Partnership of Ilinois1009 Main Street MendotaIllinois61342
Community Health Partnership of Illinois1009 Main St. MendotaIllinois61342
Comprehensive Health Center1204 W 10th St MetropolisIllinois62960
Massac Memorial Medical Clinic12 Hospital Dr MetropolisIllinois62960
Southern Seven Massac County ClinicP.O. Box 133 MetropolisIllinois62960
Milford Clinic207 N. Axtel Ave. MilfordIllinois60953
Community Health Care1106 4th Avenue MolineIllinois61265
Good Samaritan Free Clinic1611 41st Street MolineIllinois61265
Good Samaritan Free Clinic602 35th Ave. MolineIllinois61265
Moline Clinic1803 7th St. MolineIllinois61265
OFS Holy Famiily Clinics1000 W. Harlem Ave. MonmouthIllinois61462
Morrison Community Hospital303 N. Jackson St. MorrisonIllinois61270
The Morrison Clinic105 South Heaton St. MorrisonIllinois61270
Delta Medical Center Mounds Site130 Richland Terr MoundsIllinois62964
Wabash County Medical Center1001 N. Market St. 14 Mount CarmelIllinois62863
Wabash Primary Care Associates1123 Chestnut St. Mount CarmelIllinois62863
Mt Olive Health Center115 N. Poplar St. Mount OliveIllinois62069
Crossroads Family Medicine209 Crossroads Pl. 100 Mount VernonIllinois62864
Jefferson County Health Department Wellness Clinic1 Doctors Park Road F Mount VernonIllinois62864
Mount Vernon Community Health Center2920 Veterans Pkwy. Mount VernonIllinois62864
Physicians Rural Health Clinic3307 Broadway St. 130 Mount VernonIllinois62864
Mt. Vernon Community Health Center2920 Veteran?s Pkwy Mt. VernonIllinois62864
Christopher Rural Health4241 County Hwy MulkeytownIllinois62865
Medical Arts Clinic19 E. Shawnee Dr. 2 MurphysboroIllinois62966
Murphysboro Health CenterS. Hospital Dr. MurphysboroIllinois62966
Murphysboro Health Center7 S. Hospital Dr. MurphysboroIllinois62966
Murphysboro Health Clinic7 S Hospital Dr MurphysboroIllinois62966
Shawnee Dental Center4 S. Hospital Dr. MurphysboroIllinois62966
Washington County Health Center705 S. Grand Ave. NashvilleIllinois62263
Nauvoo Medical Clinic1370 Mulholland St. NauvooIllinois62354
Neoga Clinic650 Oak Ave. NeogaIllinois62447
Neoga ClinicPO Box 640 NeogaIllinois62447
New Berlin Health Clinic111 N. Main St. New BerlinIllinois62670
Brush Creek Medical Center500 S. Scott Ave. 333 NewtonIllinois62448
Newton Clinic119 S Jackson St NewtonIllinois62448
Community Health Care Clinic902 Franklin Ave. NormalIllinois61761
Norris City Healthcare Clinic110 East Main St. A Norris CityIllinois62869
Lake County Clinic2215 14th St. North ChicagoIllinois60064
North Chicago Community Health Center2215 14th Street North ChicagoIllinois60064
USA Vein Clinics4141 Dundee Road NorthbrookIllinois60062
Lions Club International300 W 2nd St Oak BrookIllinois60523
Erie Court Health Center1 Erie Ct. Oak ParkIllinois60302
Pcc Community Health Center14 West Lake St. Oak ParkIllinois60302
PCC Community Wellness Center14 W. Lake St. Oak ParkIllinois60302
South Family Health Center6030 Roosevelt Rd. Oak ParkIllinois60304
Oblong Family Medicine Clinic801 W Main St OblongIllinois62449
Weber Rural Health Clinic1200 N. East St. OlneyIllinois62450
The Onarga Clinic109 N. Chestnut St. OnargaIllinois60955
Henderson County Rural Health CenterHwy 64 OquawkaIllinois61469
Crawford Memorial Hospital Rural Health209 E. Grand Prairie St. PalestineIllinois62451
Family Medical Center727 E. Court St ParisIllinois61944
Maine East Health Center2601 W. Dempster Park RidgeIllinois60068
The Paxton Clinic227 N. Market St. PaxtonIllinois60957
Allied Agencies2016 N. Knoxville Avenue PeoriaIllinois61603
Heartland Community Health Clinic1005 N.E. Jefferson Ave. PeoriaIllinois61603
Heartland Community Health Clinic2321 N. Wisconsin Ave. PeoriaIllinois61603
Heartland at Carver Clinic711 W. John Gwynn Ave. PeoriaIllinois61605
Heartland Community Health Center1020 S. Matthew St. PeoriaIllinois61605
Heartland Community Health Clinic1701 W. Garden St. PeoriaIllinois61605
Heartland Community Health Clinic1701 W Garden St PeoriaIllinois61605
Heartland Community Health Clinic At Carver711 W. John H Gwynn Jr Ave. PeoriaIllinois61605
Methodist Medical Center of Illinois at Harrison Primary School2702 W.Krause PeoriaIllinois61605
Menard Medical Center1 Center Dr 150 PetersburgIllinois62675
Family Medical Center101 N. Walnut St. PinckneyvilleIllinois62274
Illini Community Health Clinic321 W. Washington St. PittsfieldIllinois62363
Pike County Family Practice1073 W. Washington St. PittsfieldIllinois62363
Pittsfield Rural Health606 W. Adams St. 350 PittsfieldIllinois62363
Livingston Family Care Center305 W. Madison St. PontiacIllinois61764
Pontiac Township Health at Pontiac Township High School1100 Indiana Ave. PontiacIllinois61764
Pulaski Clinic100 Market St PulaskiIllinois62976
Pulaski County Clinic100 Market Street PulaskiIllinois62976
Quincy Family Practice Center612 N. 11th St. B QuincyIllinois62301
Robinson Rural Health Clinic1101 N. Allen St. 200 RobinsonIllinois62454
Whiteside County Community Health Clinic Rock Falls Office1300 W. 2nd St. Rock FallsIllinois61071
Whiteside County Health Department1300 W. 2nd St. Rock FallsIllinois61071
Community Health Care2750 11th St. Rock IslandIllinois61201
Rock Island Clinic2750 11th St. Rock IslandIllinois61201
Janet Wattles Center526 W. State St. RockfordIllinois61101
The Mill3445 Elmwood Rd. RockfordIllinois61101
Crusader Clinic1200 W State St RockfordIllinois61102
Crusader Community Clinic1200 W. State Street RockfordIllinois61102
Jubilee Center412 N. Church St. RockfordIllinois61103
Rockford Health Clinic2400 N. Rockton Ave. RockfordIllinois61103
Shelter Care Ministries412 N. Church St. RockfordIllinois61103
Broadway Clinic1100 Broadway RockfordIllinois61104
Carpenter's Place1149 Railroad Ave. RockfordIllinois61104
Trinity House620 Kishwaukee St. RockfordIllinois61104
Winnebago County Health Department330 15th Ave. RockfordIllinois61104
Ken Rock Health Center3218 11th Street RockfordIllinois61109
Illini Medical Associates205 S. Morse St. RoodhouseIllinois62082
Rural Health Center of Roodhouse132 W. Lorton St. RoodhouseIllinois62082
Hardin County General Hospital Clinic6 Ferrell Rd RosiclareIllinois62982
Southern Seven Hardin County ClinicP.O. Box 817 RosiclareIllinois62982
Rossville Rural Health Clinic112 N. Chicago St. 248 RossvilleIllinois60963
Midlakes Health Center224 Clarendon Dr. Round Lake ParkIllinois60073
Royalton Community Health CenterP.O. Box 145 RoyaltonIllinois62983
Royalton Community Health Center300 N Main St. RoyaltonIllinois62983
Rushville Rural Health Clinic225 S. Congress St. RushvilleIllinois62681
Salem Medical Center1275 Hawthorn Rd. SalemIllinois62881
Salem Medicla Center1275 Hawthorn Rd. SalemIllinois62881
Family Care Clinic2107 Chicago Ave SavannaIllinois61074
Sesser Dental Clinic115 E. Franklin SesserIllinois62884
Shawneetown Health Care Clinic209 N. Lincoln Blvd. W. ShawneetownIllinois62984
Shawneetown Healthcare Clinic209 N. Lincoln Blvd. ShawneetownIllinois62984
Family Healthcare Center200 S. Cedar St. ShelbyvilleIllinois62565
South Beloit Health Center at South Beloit High School840 Hayes St. South BeloitIllinois61080
Christian Community Health Center901 E. Sibley Blvd. South HollandIllinois60473
Family Health Center207 S. Burns Ave. SpartaIllinois62286
Sparta Community Hospital818 E Broadway St SpartaIllinois62286
Sparta Medical Office215 South Burns Ave. SpartaIllinois62286
Capital Community Health Center2239 E Cook St SpringfieldIllinois62703
Capital Community Health Center2239 East Cook Stree SpringfieldIllinois62703
Contact Ministries1100 E. Adams St. SpringfieldIllinois62703
Cochlear Implant Awarness Foundation3109 Beaver Creek Ln SpringfieldIllinois62712
Tri City Health Partnership Free Medical Clinic318 Walnut Street St. CharlesIllinois60174
Staunton Clinic444 N. Edwardsville St. StauntonIllinois62088
Sullivan Clinic7 Hawthorne Ln. SullivanIllinois61951
Sullivan Clinic7 Hawthorne Ln. SullivanIllinois61951
Sullivan Health Center11 Hawthorne Ln SullivanIllinois61951
Des Plaines Valley Health Center7450 W. 63rd St. Summit ArgoIllinois60501
Tamms Clinic405 2nd St TammsIllinois62988
Agape Care502 E 2nd St. TampicoIllinois61283
C C Medical Clinic Ob Gyn115 E. Pleasant St. TaylorvilleIllinois62568
Christian County Medical Clinic600 N. Main St. TaylorvilleIllinois62568
Runde Clinic206 N. Pearl St. TeutopolisIllinois62467
Cumberland County Health Department132 N.E. Courthouse Sq. ToledoIllinois62468
Toledo Clinic168 Courthouse Sq. ToledoIllinois62468
Carle Clinic301 E. Southline Rd. TuscolaIllinois61953
Confidence Medical1442 N. 8th St. C VandaliaIllinois62471
Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundatio727 N. Jackson St. VandaliaIllinois62471
Vandalia Healthcare Center1510 Sunset Drive VandaliaIllinois62471
Vienna Medical Clinic803 N 1st St ViennaIllinois62995
Vienna Medical Clinic803 N. 1st St. ViennaIllinois62995
Cass County Health Clinic331 S. Main St. VirginiaIllinois62691
Tri State Medical Group345 Polk St. WarsawIllinois62379
Warsaw Clinic345 Polk St. WarsawIllinois62379
Washington Park Childrens Free Health Clinic5350 S Prairie Ave Washington ParkIllinois62204
Roberts Clinic845 S. 4th St. WatsekaIllinois60970
Healthreach Clinic1800 Grand Ave WaukeganIllinois60085
Lake County Health Department3010 Grand Ave. WaukeganIllinois60085
Wesley Free Methodist3601 N Lewis Avenue WaukeganIllinois60087
Crossroads Family Medicine1501 W Robinson Ave Wayne CityIllinois62895
Medical Services Unlimited207 S. Main Wayne CityIllinois62895
West Chicago Family Health Center245 W Roosevelt Rd. West ChicagoIllinois60185
West Chicago Family Health Center245 W. Roosevelt Rd. West ChicagoIllinois60185
Franklin Rural Health Clinic309 W. Saint Louis St. West FrankfortIllinois62896
Franklin-Williamson Human Services902 W. Main St. West FrankfortIllinois62896
Logan Primary Care502 W. Saint Louis St. 4 West FrankfortIllinois62896
Shawnee Behavioral Health Services907 W. Main St. West FrankfortIllinois62896
West Frankfort Family Practice2353 Ken Gray Blvd. West FrankfortIllinois62896
West Salem Medical CenterP.O. Box 306 West SalemIllinois62476
Southeast DuPage Health Clinic422 N. Cass Ave WestmontIllinois60559
DuPage Community Clinic1506 E. Roosevelt Rd. WheatonIllinois60187
Greene County Rural Health Clinic505 S. Main St. White HallIllinois62092
Winchester Family Practice231 W. Cherry St. WinchesterIllinois62694
Woodstock Clinic13711 W. Jackson Street WoodstockIllinois60098
Regional Health Center101 S. Galena Ave. WyomingIllinois61491
Zeigler Community Health Center27 Circle St. ZeiglerIllinois62999
Zeigler Community Health Center27 Circle ZeiglerIllinois62999
Zion Northeast Satellite1819 27th St. ZionIllinois60099