About Free-Clinics.com

Free ClinicFree Clinics are entities that provide free health services, free mental health services, free dental services, free pediatric services, and/or free women’s health services. There are some clinics that offer the same services for a minimal charge. You will find over 12,000 free clinics and low-cost clinics listed on www.Free-Clinics.com. We gathered information on free clinics and low cost clinics to make it easy to choose the free clinic that best suits your needs.

Typically, free clinics offer free health services to low-income individuals and families who are uninsured or under-insured. Some free clinics provide low-cost or free health services regardless of income.

On Free-Clinics.com feel free to use our simple Free Clinics Locator to find a free clinic or low cost clinic in your neighborhood. On each free clinic page, we provide you with details that will help you decide which free clinic can best provide you and your family with the health services you need.

We have collected the following information on each free clinic or low cost clinic:

  • Clinic Name
  • Clinic Address
  • Clinic Phone Number
  • Clinic Hours of Operation
  • Services Provided
  • Qualification information (if there is any)
  • Languages Supported
  • Geographical Area Supported
  • Link to Clinic website
  • Any other important information the free clinic has made available

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On each free clinic listing, you will be able to download a free drug discount card. The discount drug card will help you save up 80% on prescription medicine purchases at over 60,000 pharmacies around the US. It is 100% free to download.

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