Free Mental Health Service Clinics

Psychology is the study of mental processes and behavior of people. Psychology is linked to everything we do in our lives; and because of this, it is important that people have access to mental health services. So many people go without the mental health care that they need because they think that they can’t afford it; but this is not the case. There are free mental health services and low cost mental health services available to qualified people.

If you need to see a psychologist or psychiatrist but can’t afford the cost of the visit or the treatments, you may be able to get free mental health care or low cost mental health care. Free mental health care clinics help people who are uninsured or underinsured get the care they need. Many free health clinics in your area also offer free mental health services.

Mental health clinics provide free and low cost help to individuals and families of all ages. At a free mental health clinic, you can get free psychological treatment, psychiatric treatment, relationship counseling and family counseling.

At you can search our directory of over 12,000 free clinics to find a free clinic near you that offers the mental health services you need. For business hours, directions, contact information and a full description of the free mental health services offered at a free mental health clinic near you, please visit

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One thought on “Free Mental Health Service Clinics

  1. All this stuff is NOT free…they send you flying like a ping pong ball from one doctor to the other…..each time you pay…when I didn’t have any money for my appointment …they were ready to send me packing…they don’t give a shit about anybody….the visit did me absolutely no good and I wouldn’t take a dog there….in short..Fordland Clinic sucks …….eD

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